First Workshop 'Drawing and Art'


As part of the new 'Inspire & Discover Program' by V-Europe, various activities and workshops are offered to the victims, made possible thanks to our partners and the generous support of Fédération-Wallonie Bruxelles.

The first 'Drawing and Art' Workshop started on Saturday afternoon, April 13, 2024, in the creative space of the community center 'Elzenhof' in Ixelles.

With a self-chosen composition of personal items that the participants were allowed to bring, a 'still life' was created that served as inspiration for drawing. With some music in the background and under the expert and artistic eye of Ingeborg, who led this workshop, participants were able to bring out their creative side and discover the technique of 'styling'.

First Workshop 'Drawing and Art'
V-Europe, V-Europe Admin June 21, 2024
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