"First Aid" Workshop

Convinced of the individual and collective benefits of first aid training, we offer a workshop consisting essentially of : 
- a description of the first aid chain, with a pragmatic, objective and calm approach to the role of first responders, 
- first-aid training adapted to the participants and the variety of conditions they may encounter, 
- a discussion of both the "technical" (hard skills) and "human" (soft skills) aspects of medical emergencies, 
- an open discussion forum to address any questions or past experiences from a first-aid perspective. 

Vincent Laforgeinitially trained as an anaesthetist-resuscitator and now works in acute medicine.  In parallel with his intra-hospital practice, first in an operating theatre, then in a multi-purpose intensive care unit, he has constantly endeavored to enrich his training and diversify the environments of his medical practice.  He has been able to apply existing theories both to conventional practice and to a wide range of out-of-hospital experiences (EMS activity, including heliborne, international airborne medical evacuations, etc.).


Date : les jeudis 18 avril et 16 mai de 9h30 à 12h00.

Lieu : Av. de la Couronne 12, 1050 Ixelles - Community Center Elzenhof.

Jeudi 18 avril 2024

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