"Photography" Workshop

We're going to appeal to your sense of observation, without having to get down to the business of taking and developing photographs. First, we'll "look at the light", analyzing the values between light and shadow, through a window cut out of a sheet of paper. We'll reproduce what we see and feel in our own way. Beyond the artistic look and the pure technique of photography, we'll learn to sharpen our eye for the elements outside, having fun with shadows and highlights. 

Nathalie Dexpert : "It's a technique I experimented with during my photography studies. It's also a relevant and playful workshop that has helped me to observe light in a different way in my daily life and in my work. I'm happy to be able to guide and explain this approach to you as the starting point for a successful shoot."


Date : Saturday 15 June from 1.30PM till 4PM.

Lieu : Av. de la Couronne 12, 1050 Ixelles - Community Center Elzenhof.