"Horses and Nature" Workshop

In a peaceful verdant setting, we invite you to take a break, meet the horses and enjoy a moment of well-being to recharge your batteries, relieve tension, slow down, take time for yourself and welcome whatever comes your way.

In this workshop we've put together different approaches to give you a toolbox for your everyday life.

Depending on how comfortable you are with the horse, the meeting will take place in a space with it, either free or nearby, under our supervision. The activities are carried out on the ground. No experience of horses is required.

Catherine Cohrs and Isabelle Milosevic


Horaires : les ateliers se dérouleront de 13h30 à 16h30.

Lieu : Leemveldstraat, 29, Tombeek (Overijse) - Verba Tuinen.

Veuillez confirmer votre inscription (ci-dessous) afin de faciliter l'organisation.


Samedi 27 avril 2024

Dimanche 28 avril 2024

Samedi 4 mai 2024

Samedi 11 mai 2024

Samedi 18 mai 2024