Conference on the rights of Victims of Terrorism in Denmark

On 18th January 2024, V-Europe was invited to talk at the seminar on the Rights of Victims of Terrorism in Copenhagen, Denmark, organised by Finn Nørgaard Foreningen.

In 2024, Denmark will introduce a new legislation for victims of terrorism.

In preparation of this legislation, the Finn Nørgaard Foreningen has organised a seminar to which different actors in various sectors from Denmark and abroad were invited (e.g. politicians, emergency preparedness personnel, professional care givers and survivors of a terrorist attack) to discuss together the needs of victims of terrorism in order to develop a new knowledge.

The experiences of the various professionals will help to implement practical measures to address these needs and this will be forwarded to relevant committees in the parliament.

Four Danish survivors took part in the panel discussion to talk about their experiences and what their needs were at the moment of the attack and afterwards. Another panel discussion was focused on the political perspective on areas that need to be prioritized. 

V-Europe contributed to this seminar by sharing their practical experience in the field, supporting victims of terrorism over the years through the establishment of supportive relationships built on a foundation of trust. The message that V-Europe wanted to convey is the importance of translating theory into practice and the need of professional organisations to focus on the practical implementation of the rights and needs of victims of terrorism, where the victim always remains central.  

Conference on the rights of Victims of Terrorism in Denmark
V-Europe, V-Europe Admin April 20, 2024
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