Remembrance of the Hudson River Park attack on 31 October 2017
We commemorate today the 6th year of the Hudson River Park attack in New York. A wreath of flowers was placed at the Belgian monument of Memorial for Victims of Terrorism in Brussels to honour victims and survivors.
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A personal message was put next to the flower wreath upon request of one of the survivors: "Never lose Faith. Believe & Hope in the Good & Humane Values of ALL the People of OUR Planet.

Quel El Amor Venza Al Odio.


Another personal message of one of the survivors was read out loud on that day in New York:

Tuesday 31 October 2023 NY Hudson River Terrorist Attack , 6 years after 

Dear Consuls of Argentina and Belgium,
Dear authorities of the Hudson River Park,
Dear members of the NYPD , FBI and Justice departments, 
Dear personal of the Hospitals,
Dearest American, Argentinian and Belgian companions and family members,
Dear all, 

Yesterday we got suddenly quite confronted while my IPhone flew us back in a souvenir Album of all 30 October dates starting in 2016 and very quickly turning onto to NY 2017 .  

6 years after and though having crossed so many upward turns in our ascension to our new lives, these weeks around our date of 31 October are always so suddenly invasive and let’s be clear … tough… very tough! 

January this year at the Residency of the General Belgian Consulate while reading a text in presence of all of us,
I mentioned;

“May this date of our anniversary always bring us the energy and joy of life that we all work so hard for.”

Today all our families& relatives here and in our countries stand together still as united to bring up our message of
“Believe, Hope and Faith in all
good values of all the people, cultures and religions of our planet “ 

And all Gods as well as all leaders (Political and Economical ) of our world, may know how deeply this believe and faith is more than ever necessary !

It is very clear now that after the 9/11 attacks here in NY our world would face very strong international tensions again.
16!years after 9/11 the Hudson River Bikelane Attack would only confirm the instability our planet still faces today. These last October weeks in 2023 were worldwide so sad and desperate for all human beings on our whole Planet 🌎 

We sadly too often forget on how everywhere in the world we all are connected through our commun engine  “ the Heart”

If Red is the color of all lost blood and destruction and for sure all our blood was on this bikelane it is above all
the color of all construction ! 

It is this “ Heart “ at the entrance of Pier 40’ that stands as Symbol of Love and Life,  and most important of hope in full dignity and humanity of faith in good values, education and construction! 

Barack Obama said in 2008 “Yes we can“ 
Almost 16! years after it is time to bring up life again to these words and lift them up in; 
“Yes it’s okay“

Leaders of the world .. ALL of YOU, Political, Economical, Religious,


“ Yes it’s okay “ … to get Together again 
“ Yes it’s okay” … to invite, and exchange again
“ Yes it’s okay” … to listen and appreciate each other again 
“Yes it’s okay”… to accept to lose or win but mostly to make peace again in relearning to forgive and believe again! 

“ Yes it’s okay” …
More than ever 

Quel El Amor Venza Al Odio

Aristide Melissas 
Brussels 31 October 2023

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