Relatives of bomb attack victims start foundation – 13 DEC 2016

Two family members of a victim of the 22 March bomb attacks in Brussels and Zaventem have started a non-profit organisation to bring other relatives of victims together. The pair say such an organisation is necessary because of the administrative confusion surrounding the aftermath of the attacks.

Eddy Van Calster, the husband of Fabienne Vansteenkiste, who died in the attack on Brussels Airport, and Philippe Vansteenkiste, her brother, say that their lives are still dominated by administrative red tape. “Each time you have to fill in forms and tick boxes, and each time you have to go through the same pain,” he told Bruzz.

His parents, he said, are also subject to reliving the loss of their daughter over and over. Other families of victims are going through the same ordeal, he said.

They were also dismayed about how long it took to identify Fabienne’s body. According to Van Calster, he was never officially informed by the state that she was among the dead…..

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